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Window Clings, Stickers and Decals

Clear window stickers and decals are used for identification, advertising and promotion on car and store windows, and glass doors. You can choose from clear static cling or several variants of adhesive vinyl depending on the application and exepcted sticker life.

  • Clear static window clings do not leave any residue, can be easily removed and reapplied. Window clings are ideal for temporary promotional use on windows and glass doors. Optically clear background allows seeing through the sticker.
  • Window stickers with adhesive provide superior bond to glass and are preffered for longer use. Some of the applications include adhesive parking permits, membership window stickers, payment information stickers on restaurant door, etc. Adhesive can be on the image side or on the back (in case of tinted windows).
  • Window stickers are printed in full colour in reverse with additional layer of high-density white inks on top. White inks add opacity and make the image stand out on dark glass surface. White inks can cover the whole sticker or part of it. Clear stickers with white only graphics and text can be printed as well.
  • We print with UV-cured inks with opaque white,great colours and durability.
  • Any size up to 50" wide and any shape cut is included into price.
  • We also print double-sided window stickers  and  white static cling vinyl stickers  for indoor use.
  • Most jobs are printed within 2-3 days in Toronto and can be shipped to anywhere in Canada by FedEx or Canadapost.
  • Discounts for re-sellers and higher volume orders, please contact for details

For a quick price estimate please select required size, quantity and material for your stickers. To order you can simply send us a request along with your art-work and instructions.  You do not pay until you receive a digital PDF proof and an estimate that includes shipping and taxes. Contact us now and let's get your project started.

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